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There are many locations in the Dallas/Ft Worth that are reported to be "haunted".

Click here for a list of the locations.

Our hope to begin visiting some of the places to find evidence of hauntings or ghost.

Our First Location:
The Haunted Baker Hotel

The Baker Hotel was built in the 1920's in Mineral Wells, TX and closed in 1971.

This place is closed to the public, because this is an unstable building that has been vacant for 30 years.  It is a very dangerous place for people who do not have permission to be in it.

We were given a tour by the owner and then allowed to spend the night at the hotel.

WARNING: DO NOT ENTER THE BAKER HOTEL with out permission or you could end up in the Mineral Wells jail.

Bakercrd.jpg (31499 bytes)
Here are some pictures from the Baker Hotel trip .  

carl78.JPG (460512 bytes)
One of the EMF Gauss Meters reading over a 25.4

meter5.JPG (187847 bytes)
Reading a 32.5

meter8.JPG (222303 bytes)
Something found in the stairway measures a 8.0 on the meter.

meter9.JPG (188887 bytes)
Same stairway now measures a 19.8 on the meter.

bloodwall6.JPG (83347 bytes)
Checking a wall.  (unknown reading)

7thfloorhall.JPG (271629 bytes)
The 7th Floor Hallway.  I kept smelling a strange smell that would go away
and return.  The rest of the group smelled it for a while in the stairway, and
again it disappeared.

7thflooroom2.JPG (257360 bytes)

Another view of the hall way. (note the major damage to the hotel)

7thflooroom1.JPG (253996 bytes)
The 7th Floor Room I kept feeling a "presence" from. The room appeared to be a
utility room.

7thflooroom.JPG (141323 bytes)
Inside the room from above.  I could feel something "ghostly" in this room, but
could never find any physical or photo evidence.


belltower.JPG (127515 bytes)
Outside view from the "bell tower" on the top floor.  A woman jumped from
here in the 1940's to her death.

5thfloordoor1.JPG (293446 bytes)
Fifth floor door.  We kept hearing noises behind the door, which was the ONLY door in the hotel
that was locked.  Never found out what was making the strange noises.

room.JPG (344425 bytes)
A picture from the "ball room".  This is the room where the below picture was taken of what might be a ghost.
Four white orbs might be spotted on the ceiling. These orbs are said to be reflections of ghosts per
expert ghost researchers.


NOTE: The scan does not do the photo justice.  The real picture shows the object much clearer.

I can neither prove or disprove if the following photo is of a ghost. I personally
feel that in the top right corner the "orange pink cloud" is a REAL ghost photo.

Also note the small white "dot" on the top left of the "cloud".   It appears to be another
orb, which viewed in many ghost photos. Again, these orbs are said to be reflections of ghosts.

orb2.jpg (336939 bytes)


A Negative View of the Photo:
Here is a negative of the same picture which reflects heat.  Note the object does "glow"
which means that it is giving off sometype of heat. This proves it is not something on the
wall.  Also note the "orb" also stands out..

orb-neg2.jpg (274842 bytes)
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