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Event: PWA Main Event on FOX
Airdate: Friday October 1st (FOX Network)
Episode 2
Venue: Ford Center

City/State: Oklahoma City, OK
Attendance: 20,817 
Host: Tony Schivanoe and Larry Zbyszko
Interviews: Scott Hudson

8-Man Last Man Standing Match
WWA World Cruiserweight Title

x Evan Bourne and Bryan Danielson started out.
x Justin Gabriel entered at 0:02:00
x Rasmus Kessler entered at 0:04:00
x Kofi Kingston entered at 0:06:00
x Alex Lopez entered at 0:08:00
x Jared Steele entered at 0:10:00
x Tyson Kidd entered at 0:12:00
x Alexander Lopez defeated Jared Steele after a powerslam in 0:16:45
x Justin Gabriel defeated Tyson Kidd after a small package in 0:25:03
x Rasmus Kessler defeated Alexander Lopez after the Viking Slam in 0:26:11
x Rasmus Kessler defeated Kofi Kingston after a powerslam in 0:27:23
x Evan Bourne defeated Justin Gabriel after a flying legdrop in 0:27:40
x Rasmus Kessler defeated Evan Bourne after the Viking Slam in 0:28:09
x Bryan Danielson defeated Rasmus Kessler after a German suplex in 0:41:37

Bryan Danielson won an 8-Man Last Man Standing Match:
Rating: *****


TV Time Limit Remaining

John Cena and The Miz fought to a time limit draw.