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PWA Prime Wrestling debuted on January 11, 1993, originally on the USA Network with the shows roots dating back to 1985 and the World Wrestling Federation.   In January of 1992  the World Wrestling Federation officially closed down and was merged into the National Wrestling Alliance, after being purchased by Time-Warner.   The USA Network was paid a cash settlement to end the WWF's TV contact  but agreed to a one year wrestling "no compete" clause, as all NWA wrestling programs were on Time Warner affiliated TV networks.   After the no compete ended, USA Network  re-launched Prime Wrestling now under the PWA banner.  The show was a huge hit in the ratings. In 1996 Fredrickson Sports Promotions, the owner of the PWA and Viacom, the owners of USA Network disbanded their vast partnership.   Among many changes, this also lead FSP to sign a new TV contact with News Corp and FOX.   PWA Prime Time Wrestling would move to the upstart FX network in September of 1996 where it has remained  for the past 13 years.

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